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Become A BBQ Master With Our Grills And Smokers

The backyard barbecue is a symbol of American life, and, here at Aspen Spas of St. Louis, we have the tools you need to become a BBQ master. Whether you will be primarily cooking for a small family or have a much larger party to serve, we have the solution to meet your needs.

What Type of Cooker Meets Your Needs?

Depending on the type of cooking you will be doing, there are different products that best meet these needs. Need a product that smokes, grills, sears, and bakes? Our Green Mountain pellet grills can get the job done. We keep a full stock of Saber infrared grills to help eliminate dry meat for even cooking every time and less energy use. Multitaskers will want to check out our Green Mountain WiFi capable products. They help you monitor your cooking closely without having to constantly be standing at the grill. If you just want to enjoy the traditional smoked-food taste for yourself or a large group, you will want to check out The Good-One products. They offer the capability for long-lasting sessions that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Here is a list of the product names of the grills and smokers we provide:

Check out our grills and smokers and get one today to complete your outdoor kitchen!

Green Mountain Grill BBQ Grills & Smokers

Do you enjoy the ease of use of a gas grill but are left craving that wood smoked bbq flavor? Green Mountain’s pellet grills offers the solution you’re looking for. These products are fueled by natural wood pellets that come in a variety of delicious flavors. Best of all, you can take advantage of versatility as they are capable of smoking, grilling, searing and baking.

You can also enjoy WiFi capability with Green Mountain products. This allows you to monitor intricacies such as temperature and cooking time while you work on other culinary projects for the ideal bbq.

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The Good One Grill

Saber grill products utilize infrared technology, and this allows you to enjoy a cooking system that consistently locks in moisture by venting the convective air that causes drying to occur. In ten minutes or less, your grill can go from 0 to 700 degrees using the patented Infrared Cooking System used in Saber products.

Don’t just take our word for it. In a recent study surveying real Saber customers, an astonishing 80 percent report that, not only does food from the Saber taste better than items cooked on other grills, but it’s the best grill they’ve ever cooked on.

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Big Green Egg web logo white
Green Egg Grill Rib V Rack 500

From grilled steak and smoked chicken to smoked beef, grilled pizzas and more, Big Green Egg is ready to take on the job. This phenomenally versatile cooker lets you grill, smoke and bake everything from meats to veggies to pizzas, at up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The easy-to-use Big Green Egg also keeps the heat and its integrity, lasting virtually forever.

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The Good One Grill

Nothing compares to the taste of smoked meat to enhance your barbecue, and The Good-One recognized an inefficiency and lack of consistent temperature control in available smokers on the market. Through the development of a strategic offset firebox cooking chamber design, heat was able to remain for an extended time period. Twenty-nine years later, there are now several The Good-One models available.

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Come See Our Collection of Outdoor Grills at Aspen Spas of St. Louis

Aspen Spas of St. Louis offers a showroom that allows you to see our variety of outdoor grills. We welcome you to stop by view our collection of American made grills and smokers today.

And if you have any additional questions about our outdoor grills, please call us today at (314) 776-5050 or contact us online.