Customize Your Hot Tub

With Aspen Spas of St. Louis, you can build the hot tub of your dreams. We offer color options, upgrades and accessories that enhance your hot tub experience once you’ve made your series and model choices.

Available Hot Tub Customizations & Upgrades

Our upgrades vary between series and can include the following:

Details on Hot Tub from Customization Page
Green Lit Waterfall
Man and Woman in Hot Tub Backyard

You can also choose your own cabinet, cover and shell colors for your hot tub.

Water Splash
Waterproof Smartphone
Jet Image

Additional Hot Tub Accessories

Enhance your spa with sleek accessories. A place to hang your towel, a spot to rest your phone when playing your Bluetooth stereo, a bar to order up a drink or chat with friends while you soak in the spa – this is all possible with the help of Aspen Spas of St. Louis and A&B Accessories. Their green products are made in America from HDPE (recycled plastic) and include the following:

  • Surrounds
  • Steps
  • Side tables
  • And accessories such as planters, bar stools and towel trees.
Planter on Customization Page
Details on Hot Tub from Customization Page

Hot Tub Cover Lifts

We also greatly encourage you to invest in a convenient cover lift for your Aspen Spa. Especially useful for people that live or bathe alone, a cover lift helps you easily get the hot tub’s cover on and off and also protects it from the damage of being dropped or knocked around on the ground. At Aspen Spas of St. Louis, we carry the following:

  • CoverMate I
  • CoverMate III
  • Cover Caddy
  • Cover Butler
  • Easy Slider
Redwood Image