Look Good, Feel Better with Finnleo Saunas

Borne of Scandinavian values and proudly made in America from sustainably sourced and produced forest timber, Finnleo saunas are the leaders in quality traditional and infrared saunas. Like the Aspen Spa, every indulgent moment spent in your low-energy-usage Finnleo sauna offers incredible therapeutic benefits, not the least of which is simply feeling amazing!

Whether you choose a traditional or infrared sauna, Finnleo saunas or InfraSaunas relax the mind, body and soul. Spending time luxuriating in a sauna is shown to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Rejuvenate tired muscles
  • Release endorphins
  • Lower blood pressure and increase blood flow
  • Clear congestion
  • Induce sweating, which releases toxins and burns calories
  • Cleanse the skin
  • Allow for deeper more restful sleep
  • Help fight off illness
  • Create an over-all increased sense of well-being — and that in itself has proven health benefits!
Finnleo Couple

Choosing Your Sauna

Aspen Spas of St. Louis offers three different types of saunas for you to choose from. Depending on what relaxes you the most, you may like the heat and steam of a traditional sauna, the uniform heat of an infrared, or the ideal combination of the two, the InfraSauna.

We encourage you to read the descriptions of each Finnleo sauna below to discover which one is best for your lifestyle and home.

Traditional Saunas

Everyone knows that working up a good sweat is good for you. But there are other, more relaxing and luxurious ways to get there too. Traditional cultures have known the rejuvenative and healing powers of heat and steam for centuries. Your traditional Finnleo sauna uses heat and steam to relax the mind and heal the body in just a few minutes each day. From burning calories to releasing endorphins, clearing congestion and flushing out toxins, a regular visit to your in-home sauna can help you feel better and live better. Finnleo saunas put you in control, by giving you the ability to  adjust the humidity and temperature, to create the perfect experience for you.

Aspen Spas of St. Louis offers incredible traditional Finnleo sauna models, including:

Traditional Finnleo Sauna

Finnleo’s premier line, they’re the most luxurious in North America. This contemporary sauna is available in 10 distinct designs.

Explore them on the Finnleo website.

The Custom-Cut allows you to transform your existing space into a sauna or to integrate one into your new construction. It’s also ideal for non-traditional spaces.

Learn more about Custom-Cut saunas.

This model is moveable, free-standing and fully customizable with literally endless options.

Meet the Sisu sauna.

Complete with an easy-maintenance vinyl floor, sound system and color therapy, you’ll never want to leave your sauna. This series is available in five sizes and has a clear Canadian Hemlock interior and exterior.

Read more about the Hallmark sauna series.

Ideal near the pool, spa, lake or patio, simple assembly only adds to the luxury a Finnleo outdoor sauna affords you. These saunas are available in four different sizes.

Discover Finnleo outdoor saunas.

Infrared Saunas

Compared to a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna warms the body without warming up the surrounding air and without raising the humidity. It is an ideal choice for people who are looking to reap the benefits of a traditional sauna but who may not be able to handle the heat or dense humidity. You can still have the same increased blood flow, lowered blood pressure and overall sense of wellbeing. An infrared sauna from Aspen Spas of St. Louis allows you to unwind and detox safely and comfortably.

Some of the added benefits that an infrared sauna can offer includes:

Infrared Finnleo Sauna Modern

The EvenHeat™ system of heating and redistribution means there are panels everywhere, even at calf height, allowing for comfort and detox throughout the body.

Explore more about Finnleo’s heating systems.

To protect you, your Finnleo Pure Infra sauna has the lowest electrical field and EMR available on the market. This means you can safely relax in your sauna even longer.

Learn about the low EMR of your infrared sauna.

Your Finnleo infrared sauna is easy to use and safe for both children and adults – because even the youngest of us need a good sweat.

Learn about the social aspects of sauna use.

Don’t worry about the sauna taking a while to get warm enough for your liking; your infrared sauna heats up to your preset temperature quickly so you can bathe when you want.

Read all about the digital controls in your Finnleo.

Did you know your infrared sauna uses less electricity than many appliances, even with daily use? And with Finnleo, you consume up to an additional 20% less energy than with other infrared saunas.

Uncover the green aspects of the brand.


Don’t believe anyone when they tell you you can’t have it all! Of course you can! An InfraSauna from Aspen Spas provides the best of both worlds for those that love the benefits that both traditional and infrared saunas have to offer. The ultimate hybrid, the InfraSauna lets you shift seamlessly between a traditional Finnish soak and the radiance of the CarbonFlex far-infrared heat. All it takes is the flip of a switch. Developed by Saunatec, Finnleo’s InfraSauna may just be the perfect choice for your home and family.

Discover the options and amenities of your Finnleo InfraSauna:

Finnleo Saunas Page Sauna Image

Just like your Aspen Spa, your Finnleo InfraSauna includes a color therapy options with a low-voltage lighting system. There are also other lighting choices available.

Learn more about the benefits of sauna use.

Your InfraSauna is outfitted with wood-framed CarbonFlex heating panels that are located behind the legs and along the walls.

Discover CarbonFlex with Finnleo.

You can choose from a Stainless Steel Junior or Viki Heater with SaunaLogic digital control to get your InfraSauna to the perfect heat and humidity.

Check out the Finnleo InfraSauna’s specifications.

Your InfraSauna’s benches and bench skirts are pre-built for your convenience when assembling your new sauna.

Meet this incredible 2-in-1 sauna.

The InfraSauna is available in Hemlock T&G, Nordic Spruce or Cedar for the utmost in elegance and stability.

Learn more about the custom InfraSauna from Finnleo.

Please visit the Finnleo website to learn more about traditional, infrared and InfraSauna.

Invest in a Finnleo Sauna from Aspen Spas of St. Louis

Bring the luxury of an American-made Finnleo traditional or infrared sauna to your home. Visit Finnleo’s website or the Aspen Spas of St. Louis showroom today or call us at (314) 776-5050 for more information.