Finding Your Aspen

Choosing the best hot tubs and spas for you and your family is made easier with our simplified buying process and the help of our showroom staff.

The Aspen collection of hot tubs includes eight unique models – Pinnacle, Arcadia, Eldorado, Monarch, Canyon, Sopris, Quattro and Northstar – each with a different size and varying seating options than the rest. All models are available in three series, ES (Extreme), GS (Great) and VS (Value), that highlight different features and allow for you to choose how inclusive your hot tub is.

In addition to the built-in features, you have the ability to upgrade your hot tubs and spas  with full chromatherapy lighting, in.touch or in.clear technology, Bluetooth speakers, volcano jets and more. You can also coordinate the color of your hot tub with your outdoor living space.

Learn more about our hot tub and spa sizes, seating and series options below or on our main Aspen Spas website.

Spa Size

Important factors to consider when choosing hot tub and spa sizes: How many people will be using the hot tub, how much room do you have for it and, of course, what size do you want?

Aspen Spas range in size from 5’6” x 7’ to 7’7” x 7’7” for our square and rectangular models and our round hot tub, the Northstar, is 81” in diameter. They comfortably seat anywhere from four to seven adults, depending on model.

Our 8′ spas, the Pinnacle and Arcadia, are wonderful for social gatherings or family time, while smaller hot tubs and spas like the Quattro and Northstar offer a more intimate experience and are great for those with limited space.

Take a look at the rest of our sizing options by visiting our Aspen Spas Website.

8′ Spas:



6 Adults



7 Adults

7′ Spas:



5 Adults



5 Adults



5 Adults



5 Adults




Small Spas:



4 Adults



5 Adults

No Float Lounger

Captain's Chair

Love Seat

Bench Seat

Entry Steps


Hover over seats to check out our seating!

Spa Seating

Spa seating can make a difference in what you get out of your hot tub. Our range of exclusive options allows you to find the ultimate comfort, no matter your body’s shape or size.
Seats include:
  • Lounger
  • Captain's Chairs
  • Open Love Seats
  • Bench Seats
  • Entry Steps
  • Footwell
At Aspen Spas of St. Louis, we make it a point to accommodate different body types and comfort needs. One of the ways we accomplish this is by providing a variety of seating options at different heights, with numerous jet patterns and sizes. This unique set-up means that every spot in your hot tub provides a new experience and allows you to target different muscles and joints throughout the body.
The Aspen Lounger lets people of all heights recline in multiple different positions, and with a no-float design, bathers are able to stay in their seat for an invigorating back, neck, calf and foot massage.
The iconic Captain’s Chair is upright, yet deep, so your whole body is surrounded by massaging water. Jets specifically target the feet, calves, hamstrings, back and neck, with pinpoint jets to relax the wrists and hands.
This open seating option allows for close-talking and cuddles. Barrier-free, you can swivel from side to side for a more comprehensive massage.
With the bench seat, bathers are higher in the water, allowing for a cool-down or easy entry and exit. And with pinpoint jets, you get a direct massage to your lower back.
Every Aspen Spa features entry steps so you can get in and out of your hot tub safely.
There’s never been another footwell like the Aspen. Its large size means that every bather can loosen up without disturbing one another or stepping on toes.

Further examine your options with our interactive seating tool on the Aspen Spas website.

Spa Series

The series you choose, Extreme (ES), Great (GS) or Value (VS), will depend largely on the features you would like included in your Aspen.

ES spas are complete with the utmost luxury, with full chromatherapy lighting, up to three pumps, two volcano jets and more.

GS spas are the perfect balance as far as features go, with mini chromatherapy lighting, an illuminated waterfall, 100 sq ft Microban® filter and additional highlights.

VS spas are a true value, without all the bells and whistles, but keeping intact the total relaxation. It’s equipped with LED mood lighting, one pump and up to 36 DSG graphite jets.

While features may vary depending on spa model, you can learn more about what is standard as well as the myriad of upgrades available here by visiting our Aspen Spas website. We strongly suggest you carefully examine each series to ensure you find the perfect spa for your lifestyle.


Extreme Series


Up to 3 Pumps
Up to 65 Stainless & Graphite Halo Jets
2 Volcano Jets at 70 GPM
Full Chromatherapy Lighting
Illuminated Controls and Pillows
Illuminated Waterfall
Sanitizing Ozonator
100 sq ft Microban® Filter

*Features depend on spa model


Great Series


Up to 2 Pumps
Up to 50 Stainless Jets
Mini Chromatherapy Lighting
Illuminated Waterfall
Sanitizing Ozonator
100 sq ft Microban® Filter

*Features depend on spa model


Value Series


1 Pump
Up to 36 DSG Graphite Jets
LED Mood Light
Optional Waterfall
Optional Sanitizing Ozonator
50 sq ft Microban® Filter

*Features depend on spa model

What’s Next?

Once you’ve found the perfect spa for your lifestyle, including size, seating and series, you’ll want to investigate our collection of premium upgrades so you can make the most of your hot tub and your yard.

We also encourage you to take a look at our spa accessories, such as cover lifts, rails and steps, and spa surrounds to complement your hot tub, and our various stunning and high-quality outdoor furniture collections to complete your ultimate outdoor living space.

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