Incredible Steam Generator & Sauna Benefits

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There’s a reason the Scandinavians are some of the happiest people in the world – they embrace the incredible therapeutic benefits that saunas and steam generators can offer the body. And at Aspen Spas of St. Louis, we want to bring the power of steam generators and traditional and infrared saunas to America’s heartland.

Bring on the Heat

Immersing yourself in heat or steam can provide some much-needed therapy for the mind and body. The radiance of an infrared sauna or steam of a traditional sauna or steam generator induce sweating, releasing toxins through the pores and refreshing the body. Studies have also shown sauna use to be efficient in alleviating the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, high blood pressure, stress and even asthma. A sweat in the sauna, much like a soak in a hot tub, is also often a very social activity, contributing to the health and wellness of the soul.


Get a Little Steamy

Steam, whether from a steam generator or a sauna, offers a myriad of benefits to the human body. From relieving congestion to improving blood flow, steam can help eliminate aches and pains and improve your overall well-being.

With Aspen Spas of St. Louis, you don’t have to limit reaping steam and sauna benefits to a trip to the gym or the spa. With an Amerec steam generator or Finnleo sauna, you can now feel better without even leaving your own home. This is the epitome of luxury and it so easily can be yours.

We encourage you to learn more about how Finnleo saunas and Amerec steam generators can enhance your life.

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For information about installing an infrared sauna, traditional sauna or a steam generator in your home, we welcome you to visit our St. Louis showroom, or to call us today at (314) 776-5050. We’re happy to share the wonders that a little heat can do for the body.